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Are your products high quality?

We specialize in providing only the highest grade premium quality glow products available. Our factory employs the leading edge glow product manufacturing processes to assure that our quality is consistently the best available. Unlike many manufactures who use lesser quality materials, we employ only the highest grade fresh materials, including virgin plastic, pure chemicals, and clean rooms for all the stages of the manufacturing process. These extra measures make our products the best available, a difference that can be seen from our quality packaging down to the product duration and brightness. As added quality assurance we use independent quality control Swiss inspectors to assure the glow products you receive are absolutely the best available, and offer an industry leading complete 100% satisfaction guarantee and the only Zero Dud Guarantee. All our glow products are certified to comply with the 2010 child safety requirements.


Are your glow products fresh?

Yes, unlike many manufacturers who often attempt to sell extremely old product, we only sell factory fresh new glow products. We are so confident in the freshness of our products that we include the Date of Manufacture, as well as the Best by Date, on the label under the shrink wrap of our product tubes. Others claim fresh product, but only we prove it. You can rest assured that any products you purchase from us will be the freshest available, and still have many years of shelf life remaining. Additionally all our glow products are stored in a temperate warehouse assuring they are kept under the best of possible conditions until they reach your door. All these steps result in the freshest, longest lasting, brightest glow products available, guaranteed.


Are chemical glow products safe to use?

Absolutely. Glow products operate off a simple, safe, and non-heat generating chemical reaction involving mild non-toxic chemicals. All our products are non-toxic, non-heat generating, non-flammable, non-radioactive, phthalate free, and designed with safety in mind. Additionally our products are certified to comply with the 2010 child safety regulations. Since the chemicals inside glow products are sealed inside their plastic tube there is very little likelihood of actually coming into contact with them (however like any plastic, if it’s repeatedly flexed past normal use levels it can break open and leak, so refrain from excessive flexing or hitting them against other objects). If the glow product has a large leak please exercise extra caution as there could be broken glass mixed in with the liquid. If contact with the chemicals does occur simply rinse the affected area with water should you experience any mild irritation at the site. While non-toxic, care should still be taken not to ingest or get glow product liquids on you.Please be aware that the dyes within chemical glow products could stain fabrics, so one should be careful to keep a leaking glow product away from their clothes and carpet, and if contact does occur immediately wash the affected area to help prevent staining. Also, as with any small object, glow products represent a choking hazard to children under 3 years old and should not be used by them. Please always supervise children when using glow products.


Some of the glow fluid leaked onto my clothes/carpet, how should I go about cleaning it?

Our glow products are very tough, so it’s unlikely they will break open and leak doing normal use. Should one happen to leak onto your clothing or carpet it’s best to treat it like any potentially staining liquid. Immediately clean the affected area with any commercially available clothing or carpet cleaning product. It’s best to clean it as quickly as possible before it dries to help minimize the chance of staining.


How should I store my glow products once I receive them?

To help assure the longest shelf life possible keep your glow products in their original packaging until they are ready to be used. Also be sure to keep them out of any weather extremes, such as direct sunlight which can degrade the chemicals quality, or freezing temperatures which can prematurely activate the glow products. As long as they are stored in a cool dry place they should stay in perfect shape for many years to come.


How do you activate glow products?

To activate glow products simply flex along the length of the product (you should hear slight cracking noises as you do this). Once the product has been thoroughly flexed and all the internal compartments broken open, simply shake the product vigorously to evenly mix the chemicals inside.


How long do your glow products last once activated?

Our glow products are designed to glow at maximum brightness for 4-6 hours, though they will normally continue to emit light for 8-12 hours at a somewhat lesser brightness. Be wary of economy or old glow products that will sometimes only glow for an hour or two, and be extremely dim. All of our products come labeled with the Date of Manufacturer, as well as the Best by Date, so you are guaranteed to have the freshest, longest lasting, brightest glow products available.


Can temperature affect the performance of glow products?

Yes, extreme cold or heat can affect both the duration and brightness of glow products due to the chemical reaction involved. In cooler temperatures the chemical reaction slows down, resulting in a lesser glowing brightness, but a longer glow duration. Similarly in warmer temperatures the reaction speeds up, resulting in a brighter glow, but a shorter glow duration. The temperature essentially affects how quickly the glow products use up their “glow fuel.” Normally this affect is slight and not noticeable except in extreme conditions.


How do glow products work?

Our chemical glow products work off a safe chemical reaction between non-toxic chemicals safely contained within the glow stick. Inside all glow products you have two liquids, one inside the main compartment of the product, and the other kept isolated in sealed glass vials. When you flex and “crack” a glow stick to activate it these glass vials are broken, allowing the two liquids to mix. Once mixed a chemical reaction begins, which is turn emits light.


Can I freeze glow products after activation, and use them again?

Sometimes. Freezing a glow product after it has been activated will slow down the chemical reaction that causes it to glow. This will often allow you to thaw it out again and use it the next night (thaw it out with warm running water, never a microwave). Please note that freezing does not completely stop the reaction, so the performance and duration of the product on the following night is likely to be less. Also never freeze glow products before activation, as the expanding affect of freezing can prematurely activate them.


Can I remove the glow products from their packaging prior to using them?

Yes, but outside of the protection of their factory packaging the shelf life will decrease, and they can be more subject to premature activation if they are not handled carefully. If it all possible we recommend keeping them in their original packing until ready to use, to assure the product stays in peak condition.


Are glow products recyclable?

No, unfortunately the chemicals inside of glow products interfere with traditional recycling methods, so glow products cannot be recycled at this time. All the ingredients in glow products are non-toxic however, so they can be safely thrown away in the regular garbage.


Are glow products waterproof?

Yes, glow products are completely waterproof and are perfect for scuba diving or pool parties. Because glow products do not require air or heat to operate, and the chemicals are safely isolated in their plastic tube, glow products are extremely popular for many water related activities.


Are your connectors good quality?

Yes, we have seen many of the flimsy connectors available from other retailers, and our premium quality promise applies to our connectors as well as the product itself. Even the best quality product can be made frustrating to use by poor quality connectors, so we supply only sturdy, high grade, injection molded connectors that will grip the product well and keep good form. We are regularly test and update our designs, making sure that the product you receive is always the best available.

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